Monday, February 13, 2006


Enter here: All the disenfranchised; All those who feel that their voice is being left unheard.

This is a spot for those who still feel that personal freedoms are sacrosanct; and who also know that with those freedoms comes great personal responsibility. Those willing to no longer ask any state sanctioned body to legislate common sense, as it is understood that those who suffer from their own poor judgment and stupidity are entitled only to the things they reap from being so ignorant in the first place.

I promise nothing of any value from anything read or gathered here. I am simply one man in an ocean of sheep; Making attempts to persuade nobody about anything. I will present some facts, some truths, and many opinions, all of which will be mine (or those of people that I agree with at the time, not wholly but only with specific ideas that I post. Everything else that they say may be and probably is tripe).

I make no excuses or apologies for anything that you read here. All stylistic decisions on how I present ideas are approved only by me. Some statements may be inflammatory; some may be intelligent; some may be just wrong. Tough! This is my blog. I don't care what you think, and if I do at some time decide to allow responses to topics, respond with the knowledge that I will not read what is written as I know that my opinion/truth/fact is actually the only one that matters here.

If you are offended by ANYTHING you read or see here, TOUGH! You are probably not prepared to deal with anything that anyone says or does that you don't agree with. Feel free to write the owner of the site, the local legislature, the Governor, the President, or the Pope. I don't care.

Cut and paste anything you get from here at your own risk. As I stress personal responsibility above all else, you should understand that if you use, say, copy, or in anyway take anything gleaned from this blog to put on your website, blog, billboard, corkboard, argument, report, or whatever, you immediately take ownership of its use. I absolve myself in advance for your use of my words/thoughts/opinions/ideas. I don’t care if you credit me or not; these things are tools, and I am no more responsible for their use, good or bad, than if I were to hand you a spoon. (Analogy: I didn’t invent the spoon, and whether you use it to feed yourself, or stab yourself is entirely up to you.)

I will not update this site on any schedule except as I see fit, and I will talk about anything that I wish.

If you are someone that kowtows to the lowest common denominator of the society, if you're someone that makes excuses not only for your behavior, but for others' actions as well, if you care so much about others’ plights that you are irresponsible to yourself and to those in your sphere of influence/support, then please go away. Look here to find someone like-minded: There is nothing here for you and you are wasting your time even reading this (even as I type this, I realize the irony of those same people now being unable to stop themselves from proceeding to the detriment of themselves and their families and friends).

Pleasantries aside, my only hope here is that one person will read one thing here that makes them think for one second about something larger than themselves, and maybe he could get to one other person and do the same.

I realize that I am nearly nothing. But I also know that the path to wisdom starts by the admission that I know nothing.



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