Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Japan, Its People, The Leadership, and Nuclear Power

Watch this video. If you're looking for a joke here, there is none.

It is an impassioned group of people in an area of Japan directly affected by nuclear radiation over the last year pleading with their leaders to rethink bringing a possibly unsafe Ooi Nuclear Plant back on line. From what I've read, no new safety procedures have been implemented and there are still leaks occurring as a result of the tsunami and earthquake from last year.

For those of you that know Japan and their culture, to see women argue so fervently with authority is stunning and fretful and in a way unnerving. This is not their way. These are women that are trying to take care of their families and keep their children safe.  And this is them laid open and passionately letting the government officials know that there is a terrible price here to pay for their failures.
 I pray for the people of Fukushima, and I hope there can be some humane resolution for this.
To quote one of the women:

"It's a sin to do it [Restart the Ooi Nuclear Power Plant] without preparations! And if an accident occurs, that will heap sin upon sin!"
So poignant and so important.
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