Friday, September 07, 2012

In reply.... yet ANOTHER post about the Evil that is Obama on a social media site.

Those that know me, know that I am wan to get involved in the current political discussions of the day, and that I'm no fan of any candidate. But frankly, I've read/heard enough about the EVIL Barrack Hussein Obama that I can hardly be blamed for taking it to the next level.

Actually I thought it was pretty funny. So much so I'm posting it here.


(Article/Video/Report/Blog about Obama and his motives)

This really doesn't explain it. Actually I think what everyone means is the President wants to take your guns and is a socialist, foreign-born, Muslim moron. Also, while he doesn't cheat on his wife, beat his kids, drink, or do drugs (excep
t for cigarettes), he is the lowest form of scum, a terrible example for future generations, and the USA is in the worst shape of any country or civilization ever; if you support anything he does, says, or has even thought about, you are probably as awful an example of humanity as he is. Hitler, Chairman Mao, or Stalin would have been a much better and more democratic President, and a lot fewer people would have died if all of them were in power simultaneously for a millennium, than have given their lives in service in the 4 years President Obama has been in "Power". If elected to another term, he will surely suspend the constitution, dismiss the congress, implement martial law, and appoint himself as ruler for life. Internment camps will be opened for those who cross him and we will be thrust into a literal Hell on earth as he summons Satan himself to sit at his right hand and punish all of humanity with sorrow, flame and, tortuous mental anguish for eternity.

See that explains it much better.

If you're going to promote the rhetoric, don't be a pussy about it.

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